Not as many crappy people as I thought.

So here we are, still in the early stages, yet definitely well on our way in this small business endeavor. I have had a great many plans and schemes over the years including, but no limited to: taco truck driver, garbage man, snowplow operator, and NASA test subject. So far, this one (selling comic books and comic book accessories) has gotten the most traction and is going extremely well, albeit somewhat stressful.  

I have learned a lot so far, and will continue to, I imagine. However one thing I did not expect and am continually surprised by is the overwhelming support of friends and family. I am constantly astounded and humbled by the love and support of everyone I know and the friends we have made thus far.  Call me pessimistic, but I did not expect this. Everyone that comes out to our events and buys things, or even just hangs out has my eternal gratitude and respect. Everyone who has helped, donated to, or become a part of Killer Kaiju will forever have a place in my heart right next to Jesus who sat in there and flicked out the boogers I ate as a kid.  I had no idea I knew this many not crappy people.

Thanks for reading and buying comics and being not crappy!

Roman Kaiju.


To begin with...

“To begin with” is how my English teacher always had us start our papers. So I use it now not only to start this blog, but also to start this endeavor into the comic book biz. I have always been of the mind that I should keep the things I enjoy and the things that make me money completely separate. (Isn’t that one of the ten crack commandment?) I’ve taken this measure not only to ensure the purity of the art or hobby, but also to keep from despising something I love, due to the fact that I am required to do so in order to make ends meet. Perhaps it is with age that my principles seem to decay. (not unlike my eyesight and hearing) Regardless, I adhere much more loosely to them. Perhaps this is also why the idea of doing nothing with the second half of my life except getting fat off hot dogs and reading comic books seems like a better idea with every passing day. I suppose this is just life, but I digress.  


Furthermore, (yet another formulaic transition from pre AP English) It’s safe to say that this endeavor has already gone quite a bit further than many I have embarked upon. So with that glimmer of positivity, I hope this business brings a little fun to the world and I hope we can make a little money. There, I said it. I want to make some money. So buy some comic books. If you don’t get comic books from Killer Kaiju, please, get comic books from somewhere. (If you’re old enough, you’ll get that reference.)


Roman Kaiju.