Why I like the robins...I mean, COMICS.

So that title was a reference to one of my favorite bands, Hum. You probably never hear of them because I was listening to music before it was cool.  Nevertheless, the shop is slow tonight. So I would like to take a moment to share with you some random thoughts including, but not limited to why I like the comics. 

Human beings seem to be hardwired, for whatever reason, to search of something greater than themselves. Many times religion suites this need. Other times, whether a person is religious or not, superheros often become an object of fascination. Not to liken Superman, Batman, or the Blue Beatle  to god, but one can easily see the similarities among superheros, mythology, and religion. So in that facet I can appreciate the need for superheros in society. That being said, there are so just so many other genres in addition to  the tights and capes.  I'm not going to try to lie to you and say I don't own every issue of Harley Quinn that has come out on The New 52, but I myself do tend to lean more towards these titles from "independent" publishers. There is sci fi, horror, satire, mythology, history, science, and so many more. It is and expansive world and is as diverse as the types of nerds that dig them. 

These diversities along with the comic genre as a whole also address another human desire. One can easily observe in society that human beings want and need to belong to something exclusive. This can be a brand of car, a sports team, a type of music, or a useless hashtag campaign on social media that never makes a difference ever to anything and gets on my nerves and.....ok I almost started typing in caps there for a sec, but I think I've made my point. 

 Comic books provide a place for people to belong and a place to escape. So many people come into our shop just to talk about comics, current events, movies,  and things that no one would care about at your local sports bar. I am definitely happy to serve as a comics book bartender. You would be surprised to see the diversity in the patron at Killer Kaiju.  

For these reasons comics provide a good reflection of a large part of society. Comics are art as well as literature. These are to very important aspects of any society. I hope that when the comets are about to hit and Morgan Freeman takes cross sections of society under ground they make some room for comics book writers and artist. 

In a world where everything will be digital soon, it's also nice to have tangible printed items. When Stan Lee was asked about digital comics taking over the comic industry he famously said. "Comic books are like boobs. They look great on a computer, but i'd rather hold one in my hand" Quite honestly the only use for newspaper these days is to wrap presents or fill a pinata. What about regular books you say? You tell me about the myth propagated by the big bookmark corporations. It's just like breakfast. 

One customer came into the shop and asked me, why I did this. He wanted to know why I opened up a comic shop.  The short answer is because my buddy and I  were spending too much money on comics books and we had the genius idea of attempting to MAKE some money and get all the cool comics for ourselves. Since then, I've come to realize so many other reasons why I like the comics. (tied in that title pretty well there, see that?)


Roman Kaiju.