FAQs and stuff

Here are some some of the questions we hear over and over again from patrons coming into our shop. I'm not saying that we mind talking to people at all. In fact, we have noticed that running a comic shop is a bit like being a bartender. A lot of people wander in here just to talk about life, comics, relationships, toys, movies, jobs, or apocalyptic scenarios.  We are more than happy to oblige any conversation, be it nerdy or otherwise. Still, this list will give you a brief look into our shop and possible answer some of the burning questions mankind has pondered since the dawn of time.

Q. OMG what are those called?

A. Boglins

Q. Can i bring my beer in here?

A. Yes

Q. Where is Bob?

A. Bleeding out of his butt. 

Q.  Do ya'll buy comics?

A.  Eh, maybe. Probably not yours though.

Q. What is the most expensive comic you have in here. 

A. Either the Superman Unchained rare variant signed by Jim Lee and CGC graded 9.8 or the Spiderman #1 mis-print that had the pages swapped for the Playboy issue for March 1963 signed by Stan Lee, Hugh Hefner, and Adrienne Moreau.

Q. What have you got over here in the tank. 

A. Two Axolotls named Chris and Al. 

Q. Do you have The Walking Dead?

A. Yes

Q. What's the craziest/most @#!$ up comic you have?

A. Preacher, Crossed, or God Is Dead. 

Q.  Do I have to pay the arcade cover just to come the comic shop?

A. Nope.

Q. How much for the Castle Greyskull? How much for the ATAT?

A. It's sold. It's not for sale.

Q. Who would win out of all the super heroes?

A. Batman, duh. 

Q.  What should I start reading?

A. It depends what you are into. There are comics covering pretty much everything you could be interested in. There is  the mainstream superhero with tights and capes stuff, Sci-Fi, History, political, TV shows, Zombies, fantasy, horror, manga, video games, etc. 

Q. What are ya'lls favorites? What are you reading?

A. Batman: Endgame, Batman: Court Of Owls, Preacher, Saga, Uber, Atomic Robo, Black Science, Rasputin, Gotham By Midnight, Wytches, Rat Queens, War Stories, Sandman. 

Q. What's fresh? Whats Hot?

A. Batman, Ninja Turtles, Harley Quinn, Deadpool, The Walking Dead, Avengers, Suicide Squad, Saga, Bee And Puppycat,  My Little Pony, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Descender, Attack On Titan, Lady Killer, All New Capt. America. 

Q. Ya'll pull a lot of chicks running this place?

A. Meh.