Not as many crappy people as I thought.

So here we are, still in the early stages, yet definitely well on our way in this small business endeavor. I have had a great many plans and schemes over the years including, but no limited to: taco truck driver, garbage man, snowplow operator, and NASA test subject. So far, this one (selling comic books and comic book accessories) has gotten the most traction and is going extremely well, albeit somewhat stressful.  

I have learned a lot so far, and will continue to, I imagine. However one thing I did not expect and am continually surprised by is the overwhelming support of friends and family. I am constantly astounded and humbled by the love and support of everyone I know and the friends we have made thus far.  Call me pessimistic, but I did not expect this. Everyone that comes out to our events and buys things, or even just hangs out has my eternal gratitude and respect. Everyone who has helped, donated to, or become a part of Killer Kaiju will forever have a place in my heart right next to Jesus who sat in there and flicked out the boogers I ate as a kid.  I had no idea I knew this many not crappy people.

Thanks for reading and buying comics and being not crappy!

Roman Kaiju.