This is Killer Kaiju.

The Killer Kaiju is comprised of two fairly regular guys from Houston, Texas. Neither of which is exceptionally intelligent, exceptionally cool, exceptionally hardworking, or exceptionally handsome. However, they both share a love for wasting money on comic books. So this is their gift to the world. May everyone have as much fun wasting money and time on comic books as the Kaiju does. Hail Kaiju.
Selling comic books over the internet is only part of what we at the Kaiju do. We also sell them out of trunks wearing backpacks like rappers because we are irrevocably ‘street.’Of course we will also be at various comic-cons, flea markets, tupperware parties, and other events. So to stay on the Kaiju’s proverbial trail, check out all our social media crap. (Facebook, IG, Twitter, G+)